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Enrichment Beyond the Classroom



"I feel like Knowledge-Box has really helped me improve my maths skills and has made me 10 X more confident going into my maths GCSE exam. The teaching is good and helped me understand the easier methods to solve the difficult questions.
Overall I have enjoyed attending and learnt as much of the questions I didn’t understand before."


Timothy Katusiime, Maths, Year 11, 4/6/11



"I have enjoyed my time at Knowledge-Box. Throughout my 5 years of being with Knowledge-Box, I have improved my academic skills. I am happy with my progress made so far. I enjoyed being taught by my tutors, as they were relatable and helpful. They have helped me understand my difficult areas in both Maths and Science.
Thank you for everything!!"


Anonymous, June 2011



"Dear Knowledge-Box

I struggled at first but eventually got a new teacher called Farhana who was BRILLIANT. I am ever so grateful to her, She helped me with everything, mainly Physics and Maths. I swear I would have failed and gone completely downwards in college if it wasn’t for her. Knowledge-Box is a good, well-run, professional Tuition Centre. I’ve learnt so much!

Thank you!"


Asim Shabbir, Physics & Maths, Year 12, 4/6/11



"Knowledge-Box was a great experience. It was unusual at first but I soon got used to the one-to-one experience. My first teacher was Hasan. I enjoyed his teaching style and his massive hair. His lessons really helped me improve my English skills and Science knowledge. After Hasan I have had many teachers who have help me throughout Yr 10 and 11. My last teacher was Farhatul who prepared me well for my exams and helped me tremendously. My Knowledge-Box experience was brilliant and enjoyed coming here every Sunday (Saturday)."


Tahmid Ahmed, Maths, English, Science, Year 11, 5/6/11



"Having tuition at Knowledge-Box has taught me lot.
I have become much more confident so hope to achieve my targets for my GCSEs, learned how to approach questions and just learned basic skills on grammar etc.

Teachers at school have noticed an improvement in my attitude towards school as well as improvement towards grades.
I thank Knowledge-Box for this.

Thank you for having me as your student."


Chantelle Fletcher, Maths & English, Year 11, 24/04/07



"To everyone at Knowledge-Box,
Thank you for teaching me everything and for supporting me through my exams. I’ve had a wonderful time and I couldn’t have got to where I am now without you.


Thanks you so much."


Michael Hadjiyianni, Maths & Science, Year 11, 12 June 2006



"I really enjoyed my time at Knowledge-Box. I learnt a lot more and I finally enjoy learning Maths. I really liked the way Farhana teaches. She explains everything so good. My exams were really good and I think I done really good after learning here at Knowledge-Box.

I am so pleased that I came here to learn because now I know so much that not even my teachers at school teach."


Neelam Akhtar, Maths & Science, Year 9, 25/05/08



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