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Knowledge-Box Online Tuition

With the recent upscale in technology within the educational sector, we have
expanded our offerings to accommodate Online tuition services. This will save
students and parent the need to travel, increased flexibility and advances in
The quality of our Online tuition will be on the same exceptional standard of
quality as oue face-to-face tuition with a number of distinctive characteristics
and advantages.
Travelling to the Knowledge-Box Tuition Centre in Forest Gate can be at
occasionally time consuming and stressful – family arrangements need to be
carefully planned around the tuition slot. The vagaries of traffic and public
transport mean that plenty of travel time needs to be set aside to allow for
possible delays. With our online tuition the only arrangement is the need to be
in front of a Computer / Device at the agreed learning time slot.
An online tuition session have all the interactive benefits of a face-to-face
tutorial – discussion with your tutor, maintaining stimulating and probing
As with the face-to-face sessions; the student must continue to be well prepared
for the session, we will still accommodate a change / variation in meeting the
childs needs at short notice.
We will continue to use a variety of materials, online tutoring preserves the
value of the tutorial method of learning through live interaction between you
and your tutor.
As you will agree with us, combining online tuition around the structure of a
distance learning can be very effective.
Being online for your tutorial gives you and the tutor immediate access to the
whole range of online as well our in-house resources. With pre-planned tuition
sessions, we will continue to ensure the child reaches their Academic Potential.

Using a online teaching tools will allow the child to have the teaching material
electronically to refer to at a later date. With resources available today,
delivering and receiving an engaging and achieving tutorial session are
becoming a more favourable way
Online tutoring allows the child to learn in an environment that they are
familiar and comfortable within their own surroundings. Recent research has
indicated that comfort and familiarity can have a significant and positive
impact on a child receiving meaningful learning.

Parent: Online tuition will allow you to listen in on the tuition session, ensuring
that your child is receiving the highest quality of teaching, as well saving you the
time to drive / send your child to the Centre on cold, wet and those wintery
days! - giving you more Quality Family Time


Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

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